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Lifetime Warranty

This lifetime warranty applies to all products available on our website: Wolf + Co Australia.

Responsibility of Maintenance:

  1. Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect your product for signs of wear and damage. This includes checking for scratches, dents, or any abnormalities.
  2. Safe Use and Storage: Utilize and store the product in accordance with the provided instructions and intended use. Avoid exposing it to extreme conditions, undue stress, or inappropriate storage methods.
  3. Cleaning and Care: Clean and care for your product as recommended in the product’s care instructions. Proper cleaning and maintenance can extend its lifespan and appearance.
  4. Immediate Reporting of Issues: In the event you notice any defects or issues with the product, please contact our customer service team promptly. Timely reporting can often prevent further damage and expedite the warranty claim process.

This lifetime warranty is provided on the condition that the product is maintained and used in accordance with our guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines may void the warranty.

Scope of Warranty:

Your product is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects and is intended to be fully functional as designed throughout its lifespan. In the event of failure due to manufacturing defects, you will be entitled to appropriate replacement parts as part of this warranty.


This warranty DOES NOT cover lost, stolen, or disposed of wallets; scratches, dents from wear and tear, chips, and/or scratches on the product; damages caused by accident, abuse, neglect, or shock; improper use or storage of the product; or unauthorized modifications or repairs.

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